Connecting brands and consumers through insightful and share-worthy experiences

Design and Strategy

We are innovative thinkers who work closely with our clients on program ideation to create unique events that tell a brand’s story.

Social Strategy

We use our culturally diverse reach and relationships with social media influencers to help our clients digitally position their initiatives and event created content.

Guest Curation

We have the unique ability to populate events via our proprietary national database of consumers, tastemakers and social media influencers.

Content Creation

We execute every event from a content driven perspective and have the media relationships to ensure maximum impact.

Talent Procurement

Our intimate relationships with an impressive roster of music labels allow us to provide clients with top tier talent at optimal rates.

Vendor Management

We have vendor relationships nationwide. Whatever the need, we have the best-in-class relationship to get it done.

Case Studies

Sabra Hummus - Super Bowl Commercial

Voss Events